Saw Palmetto and Zinc: A Potent Combination

Saw Palmetto and Zinc: A Potent Combination

Saw palmetto and zinc seem to complement each other, if not create a potent formula in providing for better health – especially for males that is. Saw palmetto and zinc substances are usually combined together in a preparation – to better combat prostate diseases and provide for a better prostate health at that. These two together, also provide for other health benefits that have been sought of by many.

Saw palmetto and zinc seems to exhibit the same properties and actions in one’s body. They both inhibit the 5-alpha reductase enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is the culprit behind the prostate problems commonly experienced by men. That is why substances that prevent formations of DHT are used to treat such health condition – and saw palmetto & zinc are reckoned to have answered these needs.

Hair loss has also been attributed to the workings of DHT. As a comprehensive approach to hair loss remedy, saw palmetto and zinc can also be found on the list. Together with folic acid, B-complex vitamins and green tea – these provide one with a more complete approach to regaining hair back.

The combination of saw palmetto and zinc is deemed to be the perfect one. Both works to strengthen the immune system – making the one’s body less prone to infections and making it stronger to resist any form of sickness. Saw palmetto is believed to have a tonic effect, and zinc has some antioxidant properties – just imagine what the two together can do for the body.

Both saw palmetto and zinc are considered to have an effect on one’s appetite. Saw palmetto is believed to enhance one’s craving for food, and zinc plays a part in appetite regulation. And while saw palmetto has been attributed with its weight gain or tissue building effect, zinc is essential for one’s growth and normal development. With the appropriate dosage of each, one is aided in attaining his or her ideal weight.

Not contented with the many benefits these have already offered, saw palmetto and zinc also has influences on one’s sexual drive. Saw palmetto is said to be an aphrodisiac, while zinc is essential for normal reproduction for both men and women. Both can help in giving one a healthier and happier sex life.

For one to get the right dosage and to be sure of the safety in taking saw palmetto and zinc together – in consideration of other factors in play, as well as taking into account other medications you may be currently taking – your doctor can better advise you on this. In essence though, saw palmetto and zinc offers one a combination to contend with, in addressing the many health problems faced – especially by men.

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